Freelance Writing and Editing

-Content Writer for Media Ozone, a top-rated online marketing company based in Northern New Jersey, since 2018. Content includes social media posts and blogs on client-specific topics including food, dentistry, chemicals, plastic surgery, recreation, sports, business, and health.
-Article Writer for Ironmaster Blog since 2020 and Sunny Health and Fitness as of 2022. Fitness-specific content.

-Worked for 10+ years as Associate Editor (freelance) at The Audiophile Voice, a bimonthly periodical.
-Countless other editing tasks over the years, including dissertations, magazine articles, journal submissions, blog posts, books and others.

My Background
I graduated high school in 2001 and received my first paid writing and editing work in 2003. Not long after that, I was engaged as a Copy Editor on the masthead of The Audiophile Voice, a print publication, for ten years. During that time, I wrote two novels and dozens of stories and did other freelance editing work. In 2009, I published my first piece of short fiction in The Istanbul Literary review; my second publication came in 2012 in The Normal Review. I also published op-eds in the The Montclarion, the newspaper of Montclair State University.

I received my BA in English from MSU in 2013 and entered the workforce as a fitness professional. During this time, I wrote extensively on fitness-related topics and other topics including politics, lifestyle, and film for numerous blogs, as well as creating my own YouTube content.

Since 2018, I have served as Content Writer for Media Ozone, an online marketing agency that represents a diverse range of clients, from restaurants to doctors’ offices to chemical companies to supply chain solutions and more. I continue to write blog content for Ironmaster and Sunny Health and Fitness. I believe I retain these positions partly because of my ability to speak to the required audience, to produce an authentic voice while keeping SEO in mind, and to maintain a high editorial quality.

As of 2016, I am also the founder of Resistance Quest Fitness, a personal training business, which I maintain for an exclusive core group of clients in the Northern New Jersey area as well as online.