“The Human Gift”
This is my first publication. It originally appeared in The Istanbul Literary Review in 2007. ViceCollin is able to separate his mind from his body and exist in imaginary worlds. But he doesn’t realize the implications of this “power.”

This is my second publication. It appeared in The Normal Review in 2011. It is about a married couple coming to grips with the man’s relationship to his domineering father.


“A Lust for Death”
A cyborg, programmed to be an unstoppable killing machine in the midst of a civil war, decides that his own death is the only one that would give his life meaning.

“The Self-Made World”
One man possesses the gift of seeing the absolute truth, and another man despises him for it.

“Terms of Struggle”
In the midst of a small armed uprising, a dying freedom fighter shares his final secret with his closest comrade.